Help Restore an Historic Landmark

The St. Francis de Sales church campus occupies an entire city block at the corner of Gravois and Ohio in South Saint Louis. For more than one hundred years, the soaring steeple — tallest in all of St. Louis – and majestic stature of St. Francis de Sales are symbols of unwavering hope for the future and stability rooted in a rich cultural tradition of old Europe and new America.

The monumental prominence of St. Francis de Sales church in the landscape of South St. Louis has been unrivaled since the church was dedicated in 1908.

Its prominence as a spiritual edifice was similarly stellar for most of this time period; marked by the grandeur of the liturgy often held here, it has been known by its honorary title, the "Cathedral of South St. Louis," since the 1940s.

Its prominence as an historical and architectural gem is also unrivaled in this part of the city. As a prime example of Gothic Revival architecture, its cultural and historical significance has earned it a place on the National Register of Historical Places.

In the 21st century, St. Francis de Sales is once again fulfilling its unique role as the anchor of the neighborhood. Standing solid and majestic, it has been awakened to serve the spiritual needs of the present, and to nourish the noble aspirations of the next generation. It is an old cathedral whose timeless aura of peace offers a welcoming sanctuary for those seeking a respite from the hectic world. Tradition for tomorrow.

Once again, the radiance of its unrivaled high altar is reflected in the happy faces of a diverse Sunday congregation, comprised of every walk of life, and every age group. It is a testament that beauty and hope as expressed in our cultural traditions can and will inspire us and our children living in the present digital age. As a community anchor, this church is key to the revitalization of the whole neighborhood.

We invite you to join us in this effort to preserve a historical landmark which is serving as a vital part of the city's present.